About 2ND Street District

2ND Street District centers around Austin’s best mix of local retail, restaurants, living and entertainment. It’s a vibrant area of walkable downtown shopping, dining and enjoyment. Take a stroll and find Austin-owned restaurants and world-renowned music in this downtown gem. Explore an enclave full of boutiques and Austin-based shops. From Instagrammable coffees to craft cocktails and indie films, you’ll find it at all 2ND Street District, distinctly Austin.

What could be more Austin than that?


But, we’re more than just that. We encourage local. We nurture our community. We believe in spreading the good around. That means that who we are and what we do are for you to enjoy. 

As a customer of our business, you’re helping us support our city, and by coming to our shindigs, you may even inadvertently contribute to some worthy causes. All while having a great time.