*We're proud of being 75% locally owned and operated. Stop by and meet the people that make The 2ND Street District Where Texas Warmth Meets Austin Cool. *

How many years Have you been in business? 8 years in Austin, this November it will be 2 years on 2nd St.

Why do you love what you do? We are celebrating the beauty of the world through design and making a positive impact in the communities we're in locally and globally.

What’s the coolest thing about Austin? The culture and people! I've lived in many cities around the US and this is by far the greatest community I've lived in. Everyone wants to see each other succeed and live a happy life.

What’s your favorite product or menu item in your store or restaurant? Our Desert Print Ring from our India Collection. I was riding this camel in the Thar Desert in India when I snapped this photo. This ring is reminiscent of the foot prints.

Tell us a fun fact about you/your business. I travel and take photography and then work with a design team that creates the jewelry. Our designs are inspired by architecture, food, fabrics, and culture around the world.

Thank you, Mousumi from Sikara! For White Linen Night, Sikara will be hosting the "Words around the World, Words to Live by" Exhibit by Kevin Rustagi. Proceeds of any sales will go to Camp Kesem MIT, which is a non-profit camp for children of cancer patients.

Kevin Rustagi is a young designer and entrepreneur. A Texas native, he graduated from MIT with a degree in Product Design in 2011 and has lived in Austin for the past year. Kevin's art this past year has focused on the power of words in our culture. His primary artistic tool is a 45-watt high-precision Universal laser.*

Kevin Rustagi