A Stylish Bed In 7 Easy Steps

Guest blogger Jessica Beattie, owner of HACIENDA shares her tips on creating a magazine-worthy bed.  Photos by Katie Jameson.

With HACIENDA's recent expansion into all things bedding, we thought it was only appropriate to ask shop owner, Jessica Beattie to give us her tips on how to make your bed look as stylish as the magazines. 

1. Start with a simple fitted sheet- we're currently coveting our newest LinenMe sheets that are made in an incredible linen fabric available in a teal blue, raspberry and sunflower gold. 

2. Lay your flat sheet pattern down (if there is a pattern). Then tuck in all sides. 

3. Place your comforter over the flat sheet and fold both the flat sheet and comforter 1/3 of the way down the bed. Tuck your comforter in on all sides for a more polished look. We recommend a goose down comforter covered in our MixMax Barcelona jersey duvet. 

4. After you've folded the comforter, place your largest pillows against your headboard. Traditionally this is your king size pillows. 

5. Next, place either queen size or medium size pillows in front and center. 

6. My favorite part, place a variety of decorative pillows in different sizes and textures in front of the medium pillows. I recommend our Aviva Stanof pillows with hand-painted silks, hand-stitched beads and dip dyed furs - each pillow is a work of art! 

7. For more texture, I typically add a throw blanket at the foot of the bed. The versatility of the Hacienda Collection Turkish towels are perfect fit for the foot of the bed because they can be both decorative and functional.


HACIENDA Austin showcases locally sourced and globally inspired custom furnishings and curated gifts for the modern ranch lifestyle. Motivated by travels that took her from the Outback to the Arctic, owner, Jessica Beattie, has a keen eye for scouting well-designed objects that celebrate local artisans. In addition to a curated assortment of luxury brand goods including R&Y Augousti exotic leathers and fine European bed linens, discover our private label, HACIENDA Collection, ranging from Turkish towels to glassware to body care. Shop HACIENDA at our downtown Austin location, 204 Colorado St. Austin, TX 78701 or shop online at For more information follow along on Instagram and Facebook.