Kendra Scott

Spring Style

Spring fashion by Luxe Apothetique, Francesca’s, & Langford Market

The sun is out and we are ready to show some skin! With spring on our doorstep, here are some trends to spot in the expressive city of Austin.

Hyper-feminism: According to Luxe Apothetique, fashion is returning to the 50s. Housewife style dresses with a womanly waist will show off those beautiful, classic curves that make women women. But hasn’t that been done before? Sure, but this time around the frilly, feminine style will be juxtaposed with something sharp and edgy, like a bomber jacket or sharp jewelry (triangles, anyone?) Another way to add a rough edge is by wearing a piece of druzy jewelry. Kendra Scott is a big fan.

According to Luxe, it’s all about looking “handmade in production or appearance.” Druzy jewelry looks like it was pulled straight from the earth. Austin style is laid back and effortless (at least that’s how it should seem). Hairstyles are a little messy, but done on purpose. Quality, designer jeans have a hole in one knee—or both. It’s girly, but grungy. Sweetness with an edge.

Blue Druzy Necklace from Luxe Apothetique    Photo Credit: Hannah Rose

Blue Druzy Necklace from Luxe Apothetique   Photo Credit: Hannah Rose

For Francesca’s, hyper-feminism comes in a slightly different flavor. The store is filled with soft blues, bright mint greens, and delicious shades of pink. However, many pieces have tears and crochets. Sweet spring pieces are paired with roughed up leather shoes and bags or jackets with fringe. Kimonos and paisley patterns are yet another way of countering a feminine piece with something loose and wild.

Francesca’s also promotes a Southern preppy look, something casual but put together. You can wear something made of chambray fabric, either dressed down with flirty shorts and sandals or dressed up with wedges and pearls. Regarding accessorizing, Francesca’s always has a great selection of earrings of all sizes and styles. They also offer statement necklaces as well as linear necklaces, which are popular for layering. Linear necklaces can mix metals and different types of charms, because sometimes it’s impossible to choose just one.

Francesca's has soft blues in for spring      Photo credit: Hannah Rose

Francesca's has soft blues in for spring   Photo credit: Hannah Rose

While Luxe draws on the 50s and Francesca’s embraces a southern class, Langford Market draws on New York Fashion Week and the tones of the 70s and 90s. From the 70s returns the mod, shift-style dress with no waistline for eternal comfort. Céline gave plenty of examples of a clean, modern silhouette on the runway. From the 90s comes crop tops with high-wasted jeans as well as combat style with shoes like Dr. Martens. (Dr. Martens make great rain boots when goulashes don’t seem to go with your outfit.) Cutouts, perforated patterns, and mesh are also popular textures. Gingham patterns and longer hemlines can be seen making a comeback with the 50s housewife style aforementioned by Luxe Apothetique.

To accessorize, Langford encourages tribal jewelry and statement pieces. Like Francesca’s, Langford suggests the idea of layering delicate necklaces, anywhere from three to five at a time. As seen with Céline and Louis Vuitton, wearing one big mismatched earring with a stud on the other side touches again on the idea of an edge that juxtaposes your feminine pieces.

Tribal and statement necklaces from Langford Market    Photo Credit: Hannah Rose

Tribal and statement necklaces from Langford Market   Photo Credit: Hannah Rose

On a different note, norm-core style can also be exercised when you want to go against the runway. Keds and Converse round out a look with a minimalist touch.

Overall, Langford says to keep it simple with colors, wearing neutrals and blushes. Even though it’s spring, you don’t need too much color to make a statement.

What are you most excited for this spring? Which fashion piece are you going to look for to add to your closet? Leave a comment below!